Buddy and his stories

Buddy came home yesterday with 2 of his writing journals from school. I read through them and thought they were so cute and creative, so wanted to remember some of them for years to come. Here's a couple that he wrote...

Rose are red.
Ninjas are black.
They cary backpacks.

One morning Tyler was fishing. He said, "I'm tired of fishing," But then a king fish jumped up in his face. When he came down Tyler caught the king fish with only one hand. He felt amazed!!!!! Really amazed!!!!!!! Tyler zoomed to his car. He drove to a cook. When he got to the cook he told the cook to cook the king fish but "take the crown off so I get to keep it. I'm King!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" After he said "I'm King" he ran all the way home and forgot about his fish and his car.

My favorite team is the Ravens. My eyes change colors. I love video games. I love sports. Who am I?

The setting is at Chucky Cheese. I see the waitress serving the food. I taste the very good pizza. I hear my mom singing. I smell the sausage pizza.

How is winter different from other seasons? Because summer is not cold.

The first thing I like about winter is playing in the snow. The second thing I like about winter is having a thrilling time with my family. The first thing i don't like about winter is because it's cold. The next thing I don't like about winter is getting wet. The third thing I like about winter is playing with my friends. The third thing I don't like about winter is getting hit by snowballs.

I found a pair of magic potions. It was sweet finding a magic potion. The magic potion made me a ninja and gave me powers! Then my mom said, "Who are you?" Last my friend came up to me and said, "you are looking sweet!"

I'm glad it's the 100th day of school because we don't have homework so my hands don't hert.

In 100 years I will be 107 years old if I live that long. I wonder what cars will look like and what our clothes would look like and hotels and homes and ourselves. I know it - OLD! Boo!!!!!!!!!!!

Those are just some of the stories he wrote. And they crack me up. So cute and so innocent and Buddy :)

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