Freaked out!

Monkey freaked himself out BIG time saturday night! I thought it was hilarious! Every night at bath time, I sit monkey on the little potty...just incase. There's been several times that, once i turn the water on, he starts to pee, so i figured i'd start sitting him down and see what happens. Well, until last night, nothing happened. But last night, while sitting, Monkey started peeing. He didn't know what to think! He froze and his eyes bugged out, then he jumped up screaming and ran to my arms. LOL! Am i bad for laughing? He was crying for a good few minutes, but i could help but laugh and tell him that it was a good thing!

Thank goodness it didn't freak him out too bad. He did sit on the potty again last night ;)

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Mamakat23 said...

Not a bad mommy at all. By laughing, you are teaching your kid the difference from things that should make us laugh, cry, or react in any other emotion. You showing him different emotions at appropriate times is good for him :-)