The joy that is Water Beads!

When i saw another blog Mommy post about these oh-so-awesome water beads, I just had to get them and see if my kids were as crazy about them as she said hers were ;) 

So I ordered the Water Beads from Amazon on a friday. They came in on Monday! Tuesday we "watered" them and let them sit. The kids even had fun pouring the would have thought that was the best thing ever! 

By Wednesday, they were ready to go!

And...the kids LOVED them!!! All 3 kids!!!

 Testing them out. They are a little slimy and take some getting used to!

Princess getting brave!

She loved standing in the bucket of beads!
Him...not so much ;)

Might I throw in a suggestion? 
Do not play with these INside!!!!! They get EVERYWHERE!!!!
From the pics above I assume you can tell I learned that the hard way ;) 

So...I took a bucket OUTside!!!
Princess was the only on who came out with me!
(Buddy decided to shoot some hoops and Monkey was having fun playing with PopPop!)

LOL! Check out her toes!!!

I'll admit, there's still a TON out on our driveway...but I'm glad they are there and not on our carpet!!!
It's been a few days and the balls are still the size shown in the picture!
I'm not sure how long it takes, but they do go back down to their original size (like a seed!).
But, no fear, these awesome things are good for 2 years! So you can water them, let them shrink, and water them again for up to 2 years!

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Mamakat23 said...

One of Colin's science experiments from where ever we got it, had something like that... it showed how molecules worked... and the beads were like that... really tiny and when soaked, turned big like yours. must be the same thing. :-) you must have hundreds!