1 of 2 Hershey Park Trips!


Saturday, we headed up to HP for the day! I was so nervous all week long b/c the weather forecast was calling for cold and rain. Luckily we ended up with just the cold (it's not often I'm happy about cold, but if there's no rain with it - call me happy!). It was a great!

We started out on the Chocolate tour. Even though Buddy & Princess had been on before, they both acted like Monkey - like they'd never seen it before. All amazed by what they were seeing and smelling...yummy chocolate!

After the tour, all 3 kiddos went to work -
 they were "chocolate factory" workers for about 5mins! FUN!

We then headed to the park. Right before heading in, they have measurement boards that tell you which rides you can go on. Monkey was "Miniatures", Princess was "Kisses" and Buddy just barely made it to "Hersheys!" So cute! I love seeing how much each have grown since last year!

We got to do a lot of rides! Buddy went on the Comet for the 1st time and LOVED it! He was nervous as anything...and we did have to bribe him into it...but afterwards, he wanted to go back on it, along with every other ride! However, the Super Dooper Looper wasn't working :( and Buddy wasn't tall enough for The Great Bear :( But he did get on the TrailBlazer! As did Princes! Her 1st "real" roller coaster ride! And she LOVED it! :) Monkey got to do the Flying Falcons...which, had I known what they did, I wouldn't have taken them on. Let's just say...him and Princess enjoyed it much more than myself or Mike's mom. LOL! Had I not had Monkey right in front of me, I would have been FREAKING. OUT. But, i stayed cool for Monkey, who had the biggest smile the whole time ;)
Before the Comet started...

Going up the big hill on the Comet...

After the ride ;)
Princess's 1st BIG ride :)

Monkey's 1st "roller coaster" ride ;)

His face was like this the whole time! And Princess was giggling so much! LOVED it!

 Buddy & Princess got on this one over and over again :)

Princess's favorite!
Monkey & I with the big trucks :)

This was another ride they did over and over again :)

Me & my boys on the olde tyme cars! Buddy drove!

 On the Kissing Tower!!!

Flying Falcons!!

So YES, my kids are roller coaster maniacs. And YES, i love it! :) I actually didn't feel sick after getting on any of the rides - which surprised me! Woohoo!!!

We played a lot of games, watched a show and walked a lot! Thanks to Mike's Dads company, we also got free food! Gotta love it :)

He had just won the game ;)

 It was freezing, but that didn't stop them from eating ice cream!!!

 Nap time during the show!

We will be going again in June and all 5 of us are very excited :)

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laura said...

looks like alot of fun. Love the napping pictures!