Another one gone!

Last night Buddy had a baseball game.
I get so intense during his games and I don't know why!
He's only 7! And they don't keep score!
No reason to get intense...
but I do...
and that can be a topic for another blog post some other time.
I did tell Babe though that this isn't the season for me to be trying to stop biting my nails ;)

So back to Buddy having a game last night.
He was playing 3rd base and the ball was hit his way. It bounced up and hit him.
No. Not hard. He was perfectly fine and finished out the play.
However, a few minutes later, the 3rd base coach on the other team (also, a very fun and awesome neighbor of ours) walked over to the fence and said "Here. Tyler just gave this to me. It's his tooth!" and he handed it to Babe through the fence.


I didn't believe him at first. If you knew this joke-ster neighbor of ours,
you wouldn't have believed him either.
But, Babe took the tooth from him and went over and wrapped it up
so Buddy could leave it for the tooth fairy.

Go figure!  Buddy got his tooth knocked out from a baseball.
Well, not really. It was already a little loose...but when I say little i mean little.
He has at least 2 other teeth that are sooo loose. So this tooth took us all by surprise!

Sure enough, the Tooth Fairy came and left $1 for his tooth! Yay!

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