True story

Last weekend we were headed to my parents for the day. Driving down 83 we drove over some dried up blood on the road - from a deer that had been hit at some point. Then the conversation went like this:

Princess: "What was that? Blood?"
Me: "That was blood from a deer. The deer didn't look both ways before crossing the street and got hit and hurt."
Princess: (in a semi-sad voice) "Ohhh..." (you can hear the wheels turning in her head) "Poor Santa..."

And me, Babe and Buddy just started cracking up. So sweet and innocent she is. And so smart! That she thought like that was really something!!!


Then last night, as is every night, I was putting Monkey to bed. Princess and Buddy were in our room watching a show and Babe was out mowing the lawn. Monkeys bed time routine is a simple as read 3 books, finish bottle (yes, bottle. it's the only one he still gets and he goes to bed and sleeps great, WHY CHANGE IT?!), give hugs and kisses, lay him down, he says "BYE", i say "BYE" and i close the door. We don't hear a peep from him for about 12 hours.

Now, Monkey would listen to stories alllll night long if I let him. He has such a love for books and I think that is great! However, i can't read books alllll night long, so i limit them to 3. He usually doesn't like this. So last night, after the 3 books, we were signing songs. Babe walked in to give him good nigth kisses and Monkey was SO happy to see him! He got down off my lap and ran over to Babe for a hug and kiss. Then, Monkey snuck over to his books, grabbed one, and gave it to Babe...THEN, he came over to me and literally tried to push me out of the chair, LOL! So, i got up and Babe & Monkey read a story together. Babe put Monkey to bed. I was a little sad, but at the same time, it warmed my heart to see those 2 like that :)

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