Well, I'm 31 now!
It's so much harder to say than 30.
Jokingly, I'm telling people that I am now counting backwards... in "reality", I'm 29.
Sounds a little lot better than 31...dontcha think?!

So coming into my new age, it's amazing the things I've already relearned.
Like - how awesome my friends are, for instance.
You remember my "30 before/during30" list?
I had ONE more thing on it.
It was skiing. Which, sadly, didn't get completed during the normal skiing months.
So I changed it to "get a tattoo!"

And I was so excited to get my tattoo!
I had an awesome friend draw it up for me.
Then I scheduled my appt.
First scheduled date the tattoo artist was sick, and cancelled.
Next scheduled date (day before my birthday), Buddy's game was moved from 2pm to 4pm...
and tattoo time was 4pm.
Sorry, but, not missing Buddy's 1st playoff game for that!!!!
I cancelled.
(and yes, Buddy's team won the game)

So the tattoo is scheduled for this coming weekend - day before Fathers Day!
3rd times a charm, right?!
Sooo excited...except my birthday was the 10th.
And I still needed ONE MORE thing to complete my "30 before/during 30" list!!!

Cue Facebook!!!!
Yup, posted a status Tuesday asking for ideas on what I could possibly do by Sunday to complete my list.
I had some pretty awesome ideas given to me.
Plant a tree. Pay for a drink in pennies. Rent a sports car for a day. Go hiking.
Lotsa awesome ideas.

Then cue most awesome best friend ever - Kat!
(and Carmen, and Erin, and my awesome sister, and my awesome hubby)
They were determined to have me complete my list, and made sure it happened!
I wasn't sure what I was doing, but they did.

Saturday after Buddy's game everyone showed up at our house.
Awesome MIL took the kids with her for the night (thank you!)
Kat had a list of about 20ish things we (Erin & I) had to do before midnight (aka my birthday)!
All things I hadn't done before. So, either way, I was going to get my list complete!
Just had to do one.

But they had a BIG ONE planned - which is now going on my list...

And Ghost Hunt we Gettsyburg (a place i had never been).

Oh, before i talk about that, here's some things i did on the way to Gettysburg:
~ sat on Babe's lap in the back of a car
 (lol, we were cramped for space! C eventually got in the very back...thanks girl!)
~ Tried sushi (spit it out) and Thai (was good)
~ Talked in a foreign accent
(friends all said i sounded like a little kid...whatev!!!)
~ Listed 10 things i like/love about myself :)
~ Wrote an inspirational message with chalk
(in a parking lot in Gettsyburg)

Lotsa fun adventures!!!!
I'm going to write about the Ghost Hunt in another blog post.
It'll be complete with pictures and everything ;)
So stay tuned!!!