Basketball Camp

Summer vacation is in full gear. 
This year is Buddys first summer going to a camp...
or several camps actually!

The 1st week of summer he went to basketball camp :)
He had a blast and his team won the championship game - wootwoot!
He got a "report card" for his week at Basketball Camp 
and I was impressed with some of the comments the coaches wrote for Buddy:

~ Great shooter
~ Very Great Defender
~ Great attitude
~ Great hustle; a lot of heart
~ Very very great at dribbling and passing
~ Very very coachable; listens well

There was a section for comments from the coach, and here's what was written:
Buddy you are going to be a great player when you get to the
 JV/Varsity level if you keep working hard. 
You can be a great point-guard due to your skill set.
You are a very unselfish player. 
You listen to your coach and can execute plays. 
Team Dominate!

So proud of my lil' man :) 
 I can't wait to see what his basketball future holds :) 

Keep it up, Buddy!!!

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