Our lil' Ballerina!!!

Princess started ballet last night. 
She's been asking to do ballet since she was 2...
and as soon as she turned 3, we signed her up!

I'm so surprised at how well she did!
Parent's weren't allowed in the room...AND
the room didn't have windows for us parents to watch!
(Babe & I are not pleased about this!)
So she was literally all by herself (well, with the other ballerinas and their teacher)...
but not me, or Babe or her brothers were there!

And she stayed the whole time :) 

Came out and showed us what she learned (tip-toes)
and asked to go back again tomorrow. 

Too bad it's just once a week!!!

 Isn't she the prettiest ballerina ever?
Maybe i'm a little biased...but I think she is :) 1st ever attempt at a bun :)
I need some bobbie-pins, but i think i did good!
And princess loved it :)

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