DW and HP...and some other stops in between ;)

Another mini-vacation has come to an end!
This year we went to Dutch Wonderland and Hershey Park...
staying close and saving some $$...
next year is Jamaica for my sister's wedding!!!!

Thursday we headed up to Dutch Wonderland! We met up with some neighbors who have season passes there and just had a great time! It was HOT. Like, unbearable HOT. So the plan was to spend just about all day at the water park. So we headed there first...
...but after about 2 hours, if that, the kids were begging to go on rides. 

So outta our swimsuits and into our clothes we got, and away to get on all the rides we could get on we went!!! Turns out the kids knew what they were talking about, b/c since it was so HOT, everyone else was at the water park and hardly anyone was on the rides! NO LINE - WOOHOO!!!!

She's an emerald!

He's a sapphire!

Woah! He's off the charts!!!

We headed back to the hotel after DW and got ready for bed!!!!

Matching PJs!

We woke up to rain on Friday and when the weather forecast said 40% chance of rain, we decided to skip HP and do some other small things...didn't wanna chance getting rained on in Hershey!!! never did!

Went to the movies in Hershey!

He passed out!!!

such a good lil' mommy!!!

We also went out to dinner, which was a nightmare...I'll leave it at that!

Saturday was finally HP day...yay!!!!
It was hot and it was crowded, but that didn't stop us from having fun :) 

 He's at that between Reese's and Hershey's!!!




 Their favorite!!!

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