Living for Moments like this

Last night Buddy and I had a date night!
Just him & I.
And we had a blast!

We went to Chic-fil-a for "Mother & Son Date Night" :)
They seated us, took our order, and brought our food to us - like a real restaurant!
It was sweet!
Buddy and I even split the Cookie Sundae...mmm, mmm good!!!!

Us being silly!!!

 We really had the best time at dinner! Even buddy said it was our best date ever!
Chic-fil-a gave us "discussion topics" and we discussed every topic on it!
Now I know Buddy's favorite color (red), favorite food (cookies and ice cream), favorite animal (tiger) and favorite vacation spot (hershey park)! Of course, i knew those before...but he now knows all my favs, too ;)

After dinner we searched hi and low for a Lebron James jersey.
Buddy just HAD to have one.
I set a price limit on what I'd spend, so he wasn't allowed to get upset if we found one but it was more.
After stopping at several stores and not having much luck, we finally found the store!
And the jersey!
His size.
My price.

I seriously miss 1:1 time with my Buddy.
I don't remember the last time him and I just sat back, laughed, and enjoyed each other's company.
I need to be sure it's not long before this happens again!!!


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