Sick day?! No...sick week!!!

 Do those pics look like the face of a sick child? A child with a temp of 102?!

No?! I didn't think so either! BUT...
his temp was in fact 102 when i picked him up from daycare!

Since he wasn't acting like he felt, 
we decided to play and have fun!

Oh...and practice drinking from a big boy cup...

love the tip-toes!

After a nice nap, it was book time! 
Reading books is one of Monkey's favorite things to do!

His temp was gone after nap, and never did come back. 
Until daycare the next day.
So...we spent Wednesday together, too...

...and stayed home together Thursday...

...and then Friday, yup you guessed it, we spent Friday together, too!

Monkey...thanks for the great mini-vacay...i had fun!

First Princess, then Monkey...
I'm only guessing that next up is Buddy?! 

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