Our small town Carnival!!!

Every 4th of July we have a carnival that comes to our cute lil' small town. And every year, since we've been here, we've gone (this year makes 2 years, lol). It's always a lot of fun! This year, the kids won a goldfish, named it Snowy, and absolutely loved it! Unfortuneately, Snowy left us only 24hours after having him :( But i think a new fish or 2 are in our future. Anywho, the kids had a blast playing games, riding rides, eating carnival food, seeing friends and watching the fireworks. Babe & I did, too :) 

 Caught the fish!

 Playing to win a fish!!!
 They were SO HAPPY!!!

 Babe was such a great daddy for doing all these rides with the kids!

 Buddy was *so close* to hitting the target!

 Making sure she's tall enough ;)

 Watching the fireworks!

 Walking home!

 He's thinking..."Mom...i'm TIRED! Enough pictures already!!!"

 I forgot to mention that it was OVER 100 degrees this day. As soon as we walked in the door, Princess dropped to the floor and said " feels so cold!!!"

RIP Snowy!!!!

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