Apple picking!!!

Today, after work and school, we decided to go Apple Picking!
None of the 5 of us had ever been before, so it was a fun 1st for us all :) 
The kids had a blast picking and eating!

 Looking for some good apple trees...


Buddy got a good one!!!

Bigggg bite!!!

Reaching far into the apple tree!

 She just couldn't wait!
Even Monkey got to pick!!!

He ate the whole thing!!!
Babe enjoying his pick!

Apple picking with my babies :)

 On the way home we were trying to decide what to do with a whole bushel of apples!
Our 1st idea was apple sauce!
So, for the 1st time ever, I made homemade applesauce!!!!

Since I wasn't sure how much they would make, I started small with just 12 big apples!

Yes, i cut them all up myself (i really need to invest in that apple slicer thingy). Added about 1 inch of water to the pan, and turned the burner on high!
See how there's more water there?! That's from the apples themselves! Very cool!!!

After about an hour, the apples were ready to mush. I did that myself, too...well, with a wisk. We had been told that if you left the peels on it would make pink applesauce. Not so much. So...i spent a good amount of time forking the peels out. Joy.

Princess had her heart set on pink applesauce, so we added some food coloring!

Ta-da! Homemade, pink applesauce! For 12 apples - it made a really good amount! Depending on how good this is, it could last a good while!

 It was pretty simple making the applesauce!
I added some cinnamon and sugar for taste!
We haven't tried it yet (warm applesauce?! no thank you), 
so i'll have to try and remember to write about it once we do eat it ;) 

Sooo glad we decided to do this today!!!

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