When we moved to PA 2 years ago, there were Sunflowers everywhere between our old house and new house. I just barely made it to some fields that year before the sunflowers went away. 

Last year - time just got away from us - and we never had a chance to go see them.

This year - i was determined to find some!
And we did :)

On our way to a farm in York, PA...we passed these fields you see in the pictures. 
The farm we thought had sunflowers had just 1 row of them. 
1 row. 
So we turned around and headed back to this pretty field.

We had to ask permission to go to the fields and i was estatic when we got the "Sure!" :)

Here's some of the shots we got. 
I'm in love.

Could my kids be any cuter?
I think not!

Babe & I took turns to get pics with our babies!!!

Then we all got in a shot ;) 

 I love my little family:)

I thought i edited these pretty cool...

YAY For Sunflower fields!!!!!
So thankful we found a field this year :)

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