Babe's the big 3-0!

It's been a long time coming (well, 30 years). 
I mean honestly, I turned 31 before Babe's even 30?!
But, the day has come and gone!!!


We did A LOT of celebrating!

There was the day trip to Yuengling :)
Then there was the weekend away to Deep Creek :)
Then there was...
movie night with the kids...
a night out with friends...
and a cookout and crabs with family!!!

Seriously...who could ask for a better BIG birthday?!

Babe totally deserved this awesome birthday! With being such an awesome hubby, and awesome daddy, such a hard worker, dedicated to family and work and friends...Babe needed some FUN!!!! And FUN we had!!!

Cue pics of our "movie night with the kids"...

Buddy was home sick (yes, on the 1st week of school he got strep!) and I worked from home on Friday the 31st (also the 2 year anniversary of us living in our house!), on my lunch break, i baked Babe his movie cake...
how cute, right? i thought so, too!

Buddy and I worked on this a few weeks prior!

got the popcorn bucket with popcorn, m&ms, movies, etc...we're ready for movie night :)

kids were hiding, waiting for Babe to walk into the dining room :)

Babe took too long so they went running to him! haha


Happy Birthday!!!

Babe & our kiddos, celebrating his 30th!!!

So on Saturday, Babe's actual birthday, we did a whole lot of nothing :)
Hey, Babe always wants days to relax! So we gave him what he wanted ;)
That night however, it was party time!
We headed to his favorite place, Du Claws, and hung out there all night...
like seriously...
we stayed WAYyyyyy past closing time ;) 

Us. Headed out for the night.
Shots at dinner!!!
this is the mini-sampler
me and one of my besties :)

some of the cool dudes we hung with ;) 


Babe couldn't leave Du Claws empty handed!!!

And then Sunday...our awesome family came over and we ate and laughed and had a good ole' time!

Babe & his momma!

Monkey learning about crabs ;)

Aunt JoJO with black icing on her tongue ;)

Present time!!!

Monkey had SOOOOO much sugar in his system ;) 

 Can ya tell?! LOL

Buddy & Babe :)
Oh yea, I can't forget to mention Babe's OTHER cake. 
We did the Movie night b/c Babe is BIG into movies...
but he's also BIG into video games...

tada!!!! his very own PS3 cake ;)  I know, AWESOME!!!!

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