Beach Bums!

Oh how i love September weekends at the beach. 

Just the 5 of us. 
My parents. 
And my sister, her fiance, and daughter. 

Okay, so just the 10 of us. 
In a 2 bedroom condo. 

CRAZY. but FUN times.

We headed down Friday night and the kids went crazy as soon as we got there. 
It was dark, so it wasn't until morning that we got to see the sites from our balcony. 
The kids were amazed!!!

And then we walked down to the pier to feed the birds leftover breakfast...
that consisted of poptarts, bread, etc...
the birds were super hyper ;) 

I forgot to mention watching movies in the!

On saturday the weather was PERFECT for the beach, so of course, that's where we headed :) 

Seriously my oldest to too cute!!! Watch out girls (in 10 years!)

He's pretty cute himself ;)

Oh and my bathing beauty...sigh...

My neice made a sand bath ;)


 I love that they love sand. Buddy wants nothing to do with it...these 2 want everything to do with it!

After the beach we headed back for naps and the pool/hot tub...yes!

Oh, and some of us went go karting!!!
 Buddy & Princess LOVED the speed!!!!

Look at Buddy driving alllll by himself!!!
We all decided on CRABS for dinner. 
Us 5 were voted to go pick them up...
so while we waited...

Princess wanted to be the crab but Buddy refused to be a girl in a bikini...LOL!!!

Sunday brought more sunshine but cooler weather!
We spent most the day on the boardwalk...
enjoyed sunfest, endless rides, Thrashers, ice cream and games!!!




Monday was the day we were leaving. But before going, we stopped off for some putt-putt!!!

PopPop trying for a whole in one...

Monkey trying for a hole in one...

Buddy got a HOLE IN ONE - WOOHOo!!!!

As you can tell we had a GREAT time!
We can't wait to go back next year!!!!


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