Hay Ride!!!

I'm so behind on my blogging!!! Last weekend was our first ever "do nothing" weekend. A weekend where we do nothing but hang out together, just us 5, and do whatever we fancy. No plans. No time constraints. Nada. Just do whatever we please. So...we decided to go to a near by farm to pick pumpkins and corn, go for a hayride and get lost in a hay maze!!!

We all enjoyed seeing the farm animals!, Esp Monkey, he kept telling us the noises each animal says. And if you asked Monkey how to describe the hayride he would say "Hay bouncey!" 
Oh too cute!!!

The corn we picked was some of the BEST corn we've all ever had!
Monkey & Princess can attest to that ;)

Our do nothing weekend wasn't all fun and games...we spent a lot of saturday (and some of sunday) switching out the summer clothes for winter clothes...can't believe it's that time of year already!!! I knew Princess had a lot of clothes, but didn't realize just how much until i started switching her things out...check out this's 1, long, drawer, full of pants. And that's not all of her pants, either. 

I'm pretty sure I can get away with doing no laundry for her all winter, and she won't run out of things to wear, LOL.

And bath time...always fun in this house. So fun that Buddy often wants to join in...

So, our first ever DO NOTHING weekend was a success. I really can't wait for the next one :)

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