my lil 8 year old!

My FB status yesterday morning read: 
8 years ago i became someone i had always dreamed of being - a mom! And Buddy has made that dream better than i ever imagined! Happy 8th Birthday to my silly, cute, awesome, smart and wonderful lil man! 

Crazy to think it's been 8 years since Buddy was born. 
And those words above couldn't be more true.
I've loved every minute I've been able to spend with Buddy, teaching him, learning from him, laughing with him, wiping away his tears, reasoning with him, arguing with him, and cuddling with him. He's awesome. Simple as that. 

He didn't want a lot for his birthday this year. 
No big parties. 
Not a lot of presents. 
All he wanted was a kitten. 

And he had to earn this kitten. 
By showing us how responsible he is, doing great in school, getting along with me, Babe, and his brother and sister, and by just being him, he did great at earning his kitten. 

So, on saturday after football, we all went to help Buddy pick out his kitten. 

We fell in love with Oreo.
You see why we named him Oreo?

Oreo is only about 6 months old. And he hasn't been neutered yet, so he's not home with us yet. 
We hope to bring him home later this week!!!!

Sunday, Buddy's actual birthday, the Ravens AND Orioles were both playing! 
We had family over to celebrate our 8 year old, and watched the games!
The Ravens won!
The O's lost!
But Buddy still had an amazing day :) 

Happy 8th Birthday, Buddy!!!!


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