Buddy's Birthday

Well, Buddy is 3!!!!!!! His birthday and party went so great! He woke up Sunday morning all excited about it being his birthday! We let him open a couple of the gifts from us...then we had to run some last minute party errands.

His party was at the Kingsville Fire Station. They did an AWESOME job at entertaining the kids! They came in and talked with the kids about what to do if there is a fire, and had one fireman dress up then take pictures with the kids. Buddy was the only kid who was scared of him, so he didn't get a picture with him : / Then they gave us all a tour of the trucks, and everything in them! At first, Buddy didn't want to do that either, b/c he thought we were going into a fire...poor little guy! But after Babe explained to him what we were actually doing, Buddy pepped up, and got excited again :) We also got to ride on the fire truck! Buddy went one time with me in the front seat, then again with Babe in the back! He loved BOTH times!!!!!!!!!

Then yesterday, we ran some errands most the day. Later in the evening, the Ernest came over, and J & Babe spent most of the night painting Buddy's room! (Thanks for the help!!!!!). His room looks GREAT! Tonight we're going to put a 2nd coat on it, then start putting everything back together! Buddy is VERY excited to have his room painted :0) We found some medieval wall paper cutouts that he cannot wait to use...and he's non-stop talking about them ;)

Thanks to everyone for all of Buddy's Birthday wishes :)


Matthew & Cynthia Glace said...

Happy Birthday Tyler! I'm so glad you had such a great b-day. Hope to see you and your mommy and daddy soon.

Mamakat23 said...

Babies! They were such babies! Look at them! :-)