Yesterday was a big day for Buddy, as it was for Babe & I, too! It was Buddy's 1st Graduation! The Blind School had their Graduation Ceremonies yesterday, and Buddy was part of the 3-year-old class graduation :)

It was soooo cute! Buddy's class was the first class to come out. They did a song where the teacher sang and played a guitar, and each child took turns saying their name. Well, as soon as they came out on stage, Alyssa (another typical peer) was bawling her eyes out. Buddy kept giving me this pitiful look and asking me to come up on stage with him. But he hadn't been crying yet. It wasn't until after Buddy his name that HE started crying, too!!!!!! So, the pics aren't the best, but they are funny ;) Buddy and his class did a great job!

After Graduation, the school had a picnic, and then Buddy and I headed to the pool for the rest of the afternoon! We had a busy, busy day!!!!

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Luke's mommy said...

Congrats Ty!!!! He looks so big.