Another Busy weekend!

We spent this past weekend in Ocean City! A good friend of mine, Cindi, invited us down to stay at a condo she was using, so we accepted the offer :) It was Cindi, her boyfriend David, and his son Zachary. Zachary & Buddy have a blast together, so I'm so glad we got to spend the weekend with them! Our friends Tracie & Charles also came down, with their sons Logan & Gage. Logan is another good friend of Buddy's. The 3 boys were trouble all weekend long...but fun trouble, for the most part, they were all really good!

We got down to the beach around 4ish friday afternoon and met Cindi at the condo. We unpacked some, then went to dinner at the Greene Turtle. Later in the evening, we went and watched a movie on the beach! It was so cool! They have a big blowup tv, activities and crafts for the kids, and the movie was really funny. It was Open Season!

Saturday we headed to the beach around 10 and stayed all day, until about 2ish. Then we did the pool for a little while. After the pool, we headed back to the condo and all took naps! We did the boardwalk at night, and let the boys get their fill on rides! Everyone had a blast!

Sunday we did the same things...beach & pool. Then we packed out things. Tracie & Charles left around 4, but we hung around for a little while. At 6, we headed to a concert and ice cream social at a park! We only stayed a little bit, and headed home a little before 7. We made good time, only hitting some minor traffic, and were home by 10:30.

We were up bright and early monday morning b/c we had plans on going to ride FEARLESS...Baltimore's new pirate ship! Melissa & Dimitri were meeting us there! The pirate adventure was so much fun! They had tattoos for the kids, had them dress up in costumes, and played a ton of games! It was an hour long ride, and kids & adults enjoyed it so much!!!

We got a quick lunch after the pirate ship ride, then caught the water ferri over to the harbor. We were going on the "Ride the Ducks" next!!! That was fun, too! A land and sea adventure! Dimitri and Buddy had a blast blowing their quackers!!! haha!

Here are some pics from our fun-filled weekend:

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