Updates! Updates! Updates!

A lot has been going on this past month! For starters, Buddy had to have some dental work done. I think I mentioned it before, but for a reminder, he had 2 teeth that had holes in them, so the dentist wanted to fill them, as if they were cavities.

Last Friday, the 25th, was his appt. Babe took him b/c I had a Dr's appt as well (I'll tell you about that one next). So Babe & Buddy get to the dentist and they give Buddy some medicine that makes him act like he's "drunk"...Babe couldn't explain it any better way. Buddy was sloppy, couldn't hold balance, couldn't talk right, etc. It was supposed to, in a way, calm Buddy down so he would let the dentist do his thing. However, this medicine did no such thing :/ Babe said Buddy still fought, and for being drugged up, he was still such a strong lil' man. Babad to hold his whole body down. The dentist used one arm to hold Buddy's head down, while he works on Buddy's teeth with the other. And there were 2 dental asst trying to keep Buddy's mouth open : / Babe said even he was in tears. It brought me to tears when Babee was telling me about it!
But in the end, Buddy did great! His teeth are fixed, and he's good as new :) We took him to Target to pick out a toy of his choice, for being so good, and he picked out the HULK mask (lucky for us it was on Clearance for $3.74!)

As for my Dr's's time to spill the beans (if you haven't yet already heard)!

We're Pregnant :)

That's right...Buddyr is going to be a Big Brother, come March 2009 :)

Our due date is March 8th. We are all very excited!!!

At my 1st appt, on Friday, everything went well. They had be get a sonogram just to make sure I was as far along as I thought...and I am.

Here is a pic of the lil' gummibear:

I think it looks like a girl...don't you?! Babe & I are really rooting for a girl this time, though Buddy is begging for a little brother. We'll obviously be happy with whatever we get, though I'm not sure Buddy will be?! : / haha
I did start a pregnancy blog...i know, me with all these blogs, how can ya keep up...but I hope you find it interesting:
So, to sum this blog up...we have one lil' man becoming such a brave lil' man, and another that is on his/her way to a beautiful baby :) We are so proud :)

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