Hershey Park Happy!

Saturday we spend the day at Hershey Park with Babe's family! Babe was able to take off work, since he went in for training on Tuesday...YAY!

Buddy loves it at Hershey Park! If we lived closer, i'd consider getting a season pass. He got on as many rides as possible, got his face painted like a pirate, got to play in the water park area, and him & I even made a video to Hannah Montana's "Best of Both Worlds!" He has a big crush on Hannah Montana, and sings that song pretty well ;) The video is very cute :)

On Sunuday, we spent most the day at our pool. We were celebrating our friend, Sunny's birthday :) We all had a really good time! Afterwards, we headed to my parents for dinner, and I was ready for bed by 6! HAHA!
I am now 9 weeks and 2 days pregnant :) YAY!!!

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