So long, Farewell

Today is a sad day for me. We are getting rid of our kittens, Annie & Maura :( It's been a long time coming, so it's hard to believe the day is finally here :( While they have been acting A LOT better, i guess it's not in our cards to be cat owners. Babe is taking them back to the shelter, where the Foster lady who was fostering them before will again be fostering them. That makes me feel least they won't be stuck in the shelter. There's no way I would be able to take them back...i almost broke down this morning leaving the house...knowing they won't be there to greet me when i get home this afternoon :(

We didn't tell TBuddy...he'd get upset. I'm not sure what we'll tell him when he notices they aren't around anymore. Maybe that they went home to their mommy?! Do you think that would ease a 3 year olds mind? I'm not sure, but am open to suggestions!

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Luke's mommy said...

Sorry :( I know exactly how you feel. It really sucks when you have to do that. I felt so bad when we had to do it but it will get better. You will always miss them but by let say...March you will feel better ; )