Bedtime Stories

Last week, Babe & I took Buddy to see the movie "Bedtime Stories". It's the one with Adam Sandler, and he tells bedtime stories to his neice and nephew, and they end up coming true!

Well, over the weekend, Buddy decided he wanted us to make up his very own Bedtime Stories! He didn't want his books - he wanted me to him in a story ;) So, i did.

Our 1st story revolved around Star Wars. He's really been into playing that game lately, so he wanted to be a hero in Star Wars. His name was Obi-Ty, and his best friend was Obi Wan Kenobi. They were on a mission to save Princess Lily (a friend of his from Celebree) from King Dark Skull. It was too cute as I was making things up to go with the story; Buddy was REALLY into it.

Then last night, Babe & I told a similar story again. Then Babe told him a short story about something else (i was pretty much asleep during the short story, so I don't remember it).

It's so neat to see how into these stories Buddy is! And it's fun to make them up!!! I wonder how long he will want his very own "Bedtime Stories"?????

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