Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Well, it's 2009! Can you believe it?! I sure can't! Where in the world did 2008 go? It just flew by! I hope everyone had some great holidays with family and friends :) We sure did!

Christmas morning I believe I was the 1st one up. I was filled with such excitement to see Buddy's reactions to everything throughout the day. I laid in bed until Mike got up a little before 7:30. He was going to head downstairs to turn on the Christmas tree lights, etc. As he walked into the hallway, I heard Buddy say "Oh! You scared me, Daddy!" He was awake, just sitting in his bed, afraid to come into our room incase Santa was still downstairs! LOL! How cute! He did the same thing last year. So, once we were all in our room, I went and grabbed the stockings and brought them back to our bed. It's kind of become a tradition to check out the stockings first, and we all open them on our bed. Just kinda as a boost for the bigger things under the tree ;) When we headed downstairs, Buddy was excited that Santa ate most of his cookies, and the reindeer ate most of their carrots. However, he wondered why Santa didn't drink all of his milk - LOL! Kids ;) Buddy ripped through his presents from Santa - wanting to play with each one. He got a lot of board games this year, and loves every one of them. His "big" gifts this year were the TAG Reading System and Computer Cool School. As Buddy puts it, Santa was "sneaky" with the computer cool school b/c he set it up for Buddy downstairs at the computer desk ;) Santa even put Christmas lights around it and everything...Buddy was amazed! :) Babe & I did small gifts for each other as we recently bought ourselves a new bed, we have a baby on the way, and yes - just bought a new "family" car, too. However, my favorite gift from Babe was a 30-min pregnancy massage gift card :) I can't wait to use that!!!

We headed over to my parents around noon and had a great time there as well. Christmas is also my Mom's birthday - so we were celebrating 2 births!!! After my parents, we headed over to Babe's aunts house for a little, then headed home to crash around 8pm. It was an exciting, yet exhausting day!!!

Happy New Years!!!

New Years wasn't too drawn out for us this year. Babe was stuck working - though he did get home around 10pm. However, I was sick with the worst head cold ever, and Buddy and I were both asleep in bed by 9pm! We didn't greet the New Year until the morning of - haha! I don't think I've slept into the New Year since I was a kid myself, but I tell ya, it was a wonderful feeling!!! New Years Day, Babe again was working, and my parents were kind enough to come get Buddy for most of the day while I rested to get rid of my head cold. While it's not how I really wanted to spend New Years Day, it worked out perfectly. I got to rest, and when Buddy got back home, we relaxed together and watched some TV before bed. So, it really was a good way to start this new year --- 2009!!!!!!

* Oh, also on New Years Day, we bought a new car. Babe went before work to sign all the paperwork, and I went on the 2nd. We got a Hyundaii Verzcruz. It really is a great car, and will fit all 4 of us perfectly (plus another one, should that happen in the future) :) But those who know me well know I worry a lot, and I'm already freaking out about it being a gas guzzler and's hoping I don't freak too much! LOL!

As of today, I am 31 weeks pregnant --- only 9 weeks to go! It amazes me how fast this pregnancy has gone. Everything in life just seems to be flying by - this year I really want to learn how to slow down and enjoy each moment! Maybe that can be my resolution!!!!! But things are still going good - minus the horrible head cold i had. I'm going to my appts every 2 weeks, and so far a vbac is still the route i'm taking :) Baby is moving A LOT - I can't wait to see who she looks like!!! And I can't wait to see Buddy's reaction to her --- he's already been so great. He sings to her, gives her kisses, see's something at the store and wants to get it for her. It's so wonderful :)

Here are a few pics of Christmas and the new car!!! We hope everyone's holiday was great, and hope your New Year is even better :)
***Buddy loves this game, and so do Babe & I! It's so much fun to play :)
*** This is his Computer Cool School - he could play it for hours if he let him ;)
*** Me on Christmas - i felt like Santa - haha! I was almost 30 weeks!
*** Buddy & Ella - they are so cute :)
*** Merry Christmas!!! Love, The H's :)
*** Our new family car

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