Dear Santa....

Before going to the Festival of Trees a few weekends back, Buddy wrote Santa a letter (well, I wrote it, Buddy just told me what to write - but he did sign his name!)! I thought it was sooo cute the way Buddy started out his letter...he was obviously taking the honest approach, hoping to score some Santa points that way ;)

Sorry if it's hard to read, but all you really need to read it the 1st sentence ;) Made ya laugh, didn't it?!
That was his 1st letter to Santa...i'm pretty sure we are on our 4th letter at this point ;)

Here he is mailing out his 2nd letter to Santa...this one was telling Santa that our tree might not be where it usually is, so he's asking Santa to look around the house before not leaving any presents ;) Always thinking of ways to make sure he gets a gift...spoiled much?! nahh..... ;)

His other letters consist of more toys he forgot to put on his original list, and they actually include toys for Jocelyn, too! Such a good big brother ;)

I can't believe Christmas is just 2 1/2 weeks away...this whole year flew by!!!!!! Whew!!!!!

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