Merry Christmas!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Ours was great, and here's what happened in a nutshell:

~ Christmas Eve morning we took the kids to see Santa! They both did great and the picture turned out awesome! Buddy got to triple check that he was on the "nice list" and made sure Santa knew a black DS was at the top of his list ;) And Princess had a starring contest, that she won, with Santa ;) She didn't cry at all!

~ Christmas Eve afternoon/evening we spent at Babe's parents house. It's tradition that we go to church then over to their house for dinner and gifts! Unfortuneately we had to skip church this year b/c Princess was napping. Once she woke up we headed over. Buddy was excited to see all the gifts! Babe & I were excited to see all the family! Babe's brother showed up around 6:30 - he had left Virginia Teah at 8 that morning...loooong drive! So it was extra nice seeing him home safely :) We ate, exchanged gifts and conversations, and just had a lot of fun. Around 8pm we headed home to get ready for Santa!

~ We got home, got the kids in their Christmas pjs, and put out the milk & cookies for Santa, and carrots for the reindeer ;) Then got the kids to bed!

At some time throughout the night Santa came!!!!

The letters he left for Buddy and Princess, the cup of milk moved, cookie pieces and carrots everywhere!!!

~ Princess was up (for good) around 7:30am! We all went in to wake up Buddy and he jumped outta bed when we told him Santa came ;)

~ As we usually do, we brought everyone's stockings to our bedroom and opened those tiny gifts first ;) Then we headed downstairs!

~ Buddy was in awe; Princess went straight for the biggest gift under the tree!

~ Once there weren't any gifts left Buddy said "aww, i didn't get my black DS. that's okay, i'll have to buy it with my money!" WOW!!!! Were we shocked! No whining!!! LOL!

~ We ate a cinnabon breakfast then started taking some of the new toys downstairs.

~ Buddy was shocked to find more gifts downstairs....a gaming chair and that black DS he wanted so badly ;) Yea Santa!!!!!!!

Our Beautiful Christmas morning Mess :)

~ Later in the day my family came over! Babe & I cooked our 1st Ham ever, and it turned out delicious :) And there were presents EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!

~ One of Buddys gifts was a fake shaving kit, and he couldn't wait to use it! This is him being careufl while shaving ;)
~ The day after Christmas, Princess's BIG present was delivered by one of Santa's helpers! It was a Princess Sofa!!!!! : )
~ This Christmas was perfect :) We hope everyone's Christmas was great!!!!!!!
p.s. - Christmas is also my Mommy's birthday - Happy Birthday, Mom :)

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