So long 2009...Hello 2010!!!!!!

I can't believe 2010 starts tomorrow. I feel like I was just ringing in 2000, at my parents house, with a few of my friends. And now, 2010...a decade later. I'm married to the love of my life who I hadn't met coming into this decade. We have 2 beautiful children, secure jobs, a home. In so little time I have come such a long way. I am proud of myself. :) And I'm proud of everyone around me who has also accomplished so much!!! Good going, everyone!!!!

Going into 2010, there are a few resolutions I am going to make for myself, and for my family. I have a pretty long list, which is not like me, but I pray I am able to accomplish each resolution with ease!

In no particular order:

~ Weight Watchers, watch out, b/c I'm starting again full force come Jan 1st, 2010!!! I may not have a lot to lose, but I want to maintain, and WW has worked the best for me in the past!
~ I will get to the gym 2 times a week! Again, not for losing any weight, but for maintaining the weight I have already lost, and to tighten up some areas!

~ Once a month I will leave work a few hours early so I can spend more time with Babe and the kids.

~ Once every 2 months I will leave work early, pick Buddy up from school early (until he starts Kindergarten in Sept), and him and I will have a nice 'afternoon date'!

~ Once a month Babe and I WILL have a date night. Sucks that once a month is all we can squeeze in, but we haven't even done that in the past! Our last date was on our 5th wedding anniversary in May....sad :(

~ Every Sunday is strickly family day! If not the whole day, at least 3 hours out of the day will be spent with just the 4 of us! Heck, it's the only full day we have together!!! I'd also like to make Sunday nights "game nights" - Buddy has soooo many board games, it's definetely doable :)

~ Patience. I need more of it. For the kids. For Babe. For myself. Instead of freaking out the 1st time something happens, I will take a deep breathe, step back, and calmly address the situation.

~ Even though I am desperately lacking sleep, I will continue to breast feed Princess until she is a year old. I need to keep reminding myself it's only a couple more months (March 4th she'll be 1), and the time has already gone by so fast, 2 more months will be a breeze! Plus I really am not ready to give up that bonding time.

~ Work wise I will find a new position this year.

~ Friend wise I will continue to keep in contact with as many of my friends as possible, and will strive to be a better friend then in the past.

Those are pretty good resolutions, no? I'm positive I can stick to them :)

We are staying in tonight to ring in the New Year. Babe is working, but will hopefully be home before 2010! Everyone be safe out there, and have a very Happy New Year!!!!!!

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