Tough Love

I can't believe it's already January 20th. Seriously time....slow down!!!!! You are going way too fast for my liking!!!

The New Year has started off pretty good. There's been, and still are, a lot of stresses....but i'm trying to take things 1 at a time.

Last night we had parent/teacher conferences at Celebree. It's always a great thing to hear another adult (ie Buddy's teacher) say such great things about your child :) Buddy is doing wonderful and is in the top 5 in his class. :) That's my boy! Some things she mentioned came as a surprise to me, b/c as he's doing them at school, he's not doing them at home. Telling people how he feels, for instance - his teacher says he's gotten much better at telling his friends when he doesn't like something they might be doing. Whereas at home, he'll just get an attitude which leads to a lot of other negative things. So it's just something Babe & I will have to work on more :) Overall, we are super proud of our lil big man, and made sure he knew it :)

Our "tough love" has started with Princess. We all have been sleep deprived for far too long now.

Here's an example of Princess's sleep pattern about 2 weeks ago:

She was asleep by 8pm - fell asleep on the breast
She woke up at 8:30 - fell back asleep on the other breast
Woke at 9:50 - was rocked back to sleep
Woke at 11:15 - ate from bottle
Woke at 12:30 - rocked back to sleep
Woke at 1:30 - Mike brought her into bed with us, she ate from the breast
Woke at 2:30 - breast
Woke at 4 - breast
Woke at 4:20 (when my alarm went off) - Mike took her back in her room, gave her a bottle and she will most likely be asleep until 8!

That was a good night, believe it or not!

Here's what her schedule has been since Sunday night:

Sunday night was the 1st night of trying to get Princess to sleep through the night (since I was off Monday for the MLK holiday, i could live off any less sleep that might happen). It was horrible. I was miserable. Princess was screaming. Babe was wonderful. He got up with her all the times she woke up - 10ish and rocked her back to sleep. 12ish - she screamed for at least 45 mins until she fell back to sleep. Babe was with her the whole time. 1ish - same thing. 2-ish same thing (and i pumped about 6oz). Then she slept til 5:30ish. I got up and fed her 4oz from a bottle. She fell back asleep until 9am! First night was over, she still loved us in the morning. :) All day Monday she was attached to me!!!!

Monday night - already a little better! She slept from 8-12ish! Babe got up with her, she screamed for about 20mins, then fell back to sleep. At 2ish she was back up, Babe went in, she screamed for about 20mins, then fell back to sleep. At 3:30 she woke up, i went in and fed her, and then she slept until 7. Then drank about 15oz from 7-3! That might be a record.

Last night - even better, from what I remember. I only remember her waking up 11 and 2ish - Babe, again, got up both times. I don't recall her crying hardly at all! At 4 she woke up, and Babe went in a fed her 4oz. Lets see how long she sleeps now.

TONIGHT is going to be my test though. With Babe being at work....will Princess act different when I go in to get her? Will Princess sleep longer and I won't have to worry about it?! We shall see...stay tuned!

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