Just once :)

So....last night was wonderful! I got Princess to sleep right around 8. She woke up around 11:15. I let her fuss for a few minutes before going in to get her. When I did go in, i picked her up and she fell right into my arms. Within 3 mins she was out like a light again ;) She didn't wake up again until 5:15....i was just leaving for work, and Babe fed her half of a 9oz bottle :)

I think we've got this under control!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

I have to mention this conversation with Buddy last night. He gets super hyper when it's time to get ready for bed. So he was being super loud, and I didn't want him waking up Princess. So i said "Buddy, if you wake up your sister, you are going to have to go in there and put her back to sleep!" Buddy looked at me and said, "How? I don't have a boob!" LOL!!!!!! He's got a point there.....

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