8 hours straight

I'm writing this a few days after it happened, but I HAD to keep you all updated on Princess's sleep!!!

Thursday night she slept 8 hours straight!!!! From 8ish until 4:15! I woke up around 4, and freaked out a little bit. I woke Babe to see if he had been up with her - he said No! I was so excited!!!!!!! She woke up 5 mins before my alarm, so Babe went in, fed her a bottle, then she slept until 7! AMAZING!!!!

We didn't have as much luck over the weekend, but her sleep was still better then just a week ago! Now I'm wondering why we waited so long...although I know the answer to that = ME! I wasn't ready to let her go. Just one more step in her growing up that I held onto. It's okay though. She's such a big girl :)

As for breastfeeding - I'm still doing it, but mostly in the pumping format, and she gets it through the bottle. I'm okay with that....she's almost 11 months now. My goal was a year. And she's okay with it, too. So as long as we both are happy is all that matters :)

Saturday I took Buddy to Zach's birthday party. It was at Adventure Park USA (! Buddy had a blast and says he wants his 7th Birthday Party to be there ;) We shall see...that's 2 1/2 years away! Happy 7th Birthday, Zach!!!

We stayed in mostly on Sunday, and had a new member of our family over for dinner. I need a separate post for that check back soon!!!!!!

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