14 day love challenge

Back in November I came across the "Women's Marriage Ministry" blogsite. I've really been addicted to it, and visit it at least once a day. It's a wonderful blog to help streghten marriages/relationships. There's a button to it on the right hand side of my blog --- definetely check it out. It started out as Aimee (the blog author) challenging us readers to a 14 days challenge. This 14 day challenge, she wrote, would turn your marriage around. While Babe & I don't have a bad marriage, what relationship doesn't need a little help?! So...i started the 14 day challenge with her. And wow was Babe's response amazing. By day 4 he wanted to know what had gotten into me. By day 6, I was emailing Aimee personally for advice on what to tell Babe. (your partner shouldn't know you are doing this challenge) Babe wanted in. And it's just gotten better since :)

Aimee is again running the 14 day challenge on her blog. Here is todays challenge:

Lesson #1 - Tonight or tomorrow when your spouse comes home, greet them at the door. Don't yell from another room. Physically meet them at the door. Let them know that you missed them today. (even if you didn't) I have started doing this with Adam & he absolutely loves it. Honestly, so do I. I feel much more special when I feel that everyone is happy to see me. If this is not possible to do it this way due to your schedules, then be sure to make him feel like you missed him & you are happy to see him when you are face to face.

With Babe working at night 4 nights out of the week, I had to get creative with this first challenge. Since the kids and I are already in bed when he gets home, I decided I would greet him with a big hug and kiss, and then a "i really missed you today!" as he got into bed for the night! The first time I did this challenge he noticed right away, and mentioned something about it the morning after. Infact, he kept asking if i was alright?! LOL!!!!! I plan on doing that same thing tonight as he crawls into bed. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

I know my blog isn't the most popular out there....i'm not even sure i have 5 people that frequent it. But if you are reading this, and you are married, have a boyfriend/girlfriend, i challenge you to do this challenge with me. And invite others along. You will be amazed at how much your relationship can grow in just 14 days! Trust me...Babe and I are living proof :)


Dancer4_1 said...

Good luck! Praying this stregnthens your marriage! I am following along too! Please take a look at my blog if youd like..take care and looking forward to getting to know you better!

Anonymous said...

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