Our Ghost Children

We had a fun weekend...filled with Halloween-y crafts, movies, family, fun...and SNOW! October!!! CRAZY!!!

Friday night I helped the kids make Ghost feet! I think they turned out adorably cute!!!


Saturday, b/c of the snow, Buddy's football game was cancelled! So we all chilled out until the afternoon. We had my cousin Mandy's birthday party to go to, and then Gwen's birthday party to go to! They were both a lot of fun!
While out, we learned that the power at home had gone we ended up staying the night at Babe's parents house. The kids loved it!!! 

Buddy and the birthday girl, Gwen!

 Sunday morning, we woke up, ate breakfast, and headed out. Babe and Tyler went to the movies. Princess and Grandmom went to the movies. And Monkey, my mom and I went shopping. FUN!
Eating breakfast at Grandmom & Pops!

We headed back to Babe's parents house to watch some of the Raven's game before heading back home. It was a great day, but when you don't expect to be away from home for more than a couple hours, you miss is dearly. And it was soooo great to get home!!!

We carved and painted pumpkins Sunday evening...after playing in the snow ;)  

She had SO much fun helping me make our snow (wo)man!!! She's even holding her hand ;)

Def not a couple you see together often!!!

 Monkey picking out the pumpkin he wants to paint!!!
Happy with his choice :)

Not too thrilled with the insides of Mr. Pupmkin's head!!!

In fact, she's a little scared by it!!!

Ooh! Brave lil' Princess!

Big brave Buddy!

Apparently, it smells!
"Hey Dad! What's in this??"
"OOh...slimy stuff! YAY!"

Quality time as Buddy picks pumpkins seeds to cook (that I later burned!) and I carve Mr. Pumpkin Head!
Time to paint pumpkins!!! (please note: this is only pic of Buddy painting b/c "he's not into it"!)

One of her favorite things to do...PAINT!!!

Monkey's 1st time painting a pumpkin...and holding a paint brush!

All of our pumpkin creations :)

Mr. Pumpkin Head is all smiles :)


Mamakat23 said...

I love all the pumpkin pics with the kids... I was waiting for your crazy knife picture though before you carved... like with the cakes... ;-)

Also, thanks for using my idea about painting the feet for the ghosts...s o much more fun and messy, right?! Bet the kids loved having cold tickly feet! :-)

laura said...

The pumpkins turned out great. can't believe you got that much snow!