Last day of January and it's 60degrees?!

So what do you do in winter, on the last day of January, when it's 60 degrees?!
Go to the park of course!!!
The pics only show how much fun the kids were having, but trust me,
Babe & I were having just as much fun :) 

Hard to believe that last year, he was in a little ole' carseat while at the park!

Now look at him!!

Buddy was pretty bored. Is he really getting too old to enjoy the park?! Is there an age limit...b/c I know I still enjoy the park! And...he actually did come around...he was just bummed at first b/c we didn't bring a football to throw around.

My new favorite picture of Monkey :)

Woah! Helloooo static!

Hmmm...not sure I'd try that!

"You okay, bro?!"

Monkey see, Monkey do!!!


Tunnel fun!

Okay. Seriously. Can she be any happier?!

Buddy was such a big help with Princess on the swing :)

Big Buddy enjoying the little toys! See...he's still my lil' man ;)

He's strong, too!

She attacked him!

I mean it. I don't think she could have been any happier than she was today at the park :)

And this pic? I can literally hear her laughter every time i see it!!

*SIGH*...he's grown up too fast!

Buddy pretending to be kicked by Princess! It had us all cracking up :)

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laura said...

Looks like fun!! We have also been outside all week!