Why do they go soooo fast?!

Another FUN weekend has come and gone. This weekend was BUSY! So no wonder if went so fast! Poor Monkey has this horrible, horrible cough that only rears it's ugly noise at night. It caused him to throw up 3 times over the's not fun having a coughing baby, their bed filled with puke, at 3am...or 10pm...or at any time really. But, I've gotta give it to Monkey, (and if you aren't a mom this might gross you out a little), he made clean-up pretty easy. Puked in one spot on his sheets...didn't get any on him or his pillows or animal friends in the all i had to do was scoop up the sheet, rinse it off, throw it in the washer, wipe down his mattress and put on new sheets. :) least it was easy, though I wasn't fond of doing any of that. LOL. Anywho...that def was not the FUN in our weekend. But at least Monkey is healthy temp, lotsa energy, etc. :)

Saturday was non-stop, on the go, out and about for us all. Buddy had basketball from 9-10. After that, I went to a friends baby shower. I took Princess & Monkey with me. They were great. And it was great seeing so many people I haven't seen in 20 years. How crazy is that??? But it was so much fun. And i even won a game prize! YAY!!!!
After the shower, Princess, Monkey and I headed to meet Babe & Buddy at Buddy's friends birthday party. On the way there, both the kids passed out, so we just hung out in the car until Babe & Buddy came out! From there, we ALL headed to another birthday party at Kid's First Swim. Since Monkey had his cough, Babee stayed out with him and I got to swim with Princess and Buddy :) I had a ton of fun, even being as exhausted as I was. Buddy is such a fish, and princess is proving to be the same way! With swimmies on and a noddle under her arms, she was going all by herself :) And Buddy was jumping and swimming in the deep end, playing ball, etc! Awesome!
We headed to my parents after the party and Buddy and Princess spent the night. Monkey passed out on our way home and stayed asleep from the car to crib. And by 8:15 I was in bed myself! And I slept until 7:30 the next morning :)

Sunday...we missed church again :(  But it was just me, Babe & Monkey. It was weird having just 1 kid again, but it was nice to be able to enjoy some quiet, 1-on-1 time with our Monkey :) We just hung out around the house, playing with toys, me snapping pics (they will be up soon), and laughing and playing. It would be nice to have that time with each kid...i wanna make that happen somehow!!! Around lunch time, we got to my parents, and hung out there for a little. Buddy and Princess missed us, as we missed them :) When we left there, we headed to our friends house for their super bowl party. It was in Abingdon, so 45ish mins from home. We went early so the kids could play and left during the 1st quarter. When we got home, Monkey and Princess were still asleep, so i went to bed soon after, and Babe & Buddy stayed up to watch the rest of the game :) Giants won!

So, yes, a busy weekend...but it was fun. Can't wait to see what next weekend brings :)

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laura said...

Sounds fun!!! Glad you got some one on one time with owen :)