If I could use one word to describe today...

...that word would be...


Work was fine, but here's how the evening went...
Picked up the 2 littler ones then picked up Buddy. Tomorrow is Buddy's 100th day of school and he needs to take a collection of 100 things. Thank you Mrs. Teacher for telling me this TONIGHT. So...he put 100 cheerios in the bag that was provided! How's that for creativity?! ;)
He counted them by 2, all the way to 100...Go Buddy!!! :)

Then, while the 100 cheerios were being counted, Princess decided to stamp on the wall.
I was mad, she got a time out, but then we just laughed at it. Its a pretty cute circle ;)
Princess's latest and greatest artwork! :)

Then, Monkey wanted to help Buddy dust buster. Bless his soul. So in doing that,
he decided to move the kitchen stools...1 fell, just missing his head,
but bounced back up giving him a huge knot right above the corner of his eye :(

That didn't stop him, he went right back to cleaning!
And smiling...

Then I put on a sign language dvd and Princess and Monkey were captivated by it :) That went well.

The rest of the night went semi normal. Baths were fun as normal. Kids didn't want to get their pjs on or brush their teeth as normal. But, as Monkey normally goes to bed great, he did not do so tonight. He stayed up close to an hour whining and crying! He did finally fall asleep about an hour after his normal bed time!!!

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Mamakat23 said...

At least the teacher had them do something semi-fun. Colin's teacher does no school spirit of any kind!