Sunday Morning with Owen

As i mentioned in my previous post
Babe & I got to enjoy Sunday morning with just 1 kiddo - Monkey!

Here's what I captured from our morning...
Yes, I spiked his hair, and i LOVED it!!!

He's looking up at Daddy :)

"Why can't I see me?!"

The shirt fits the boy...literally and picturally! (picturally? Is that a word? Not sure, but it sounds good to me!)
Sometimes, being small just isn't fair!!!

You can do it, Monkey!

This pic cracks me up! Face plant on the bench!

And...he did it!!!

After playing on the bench, I had to run upstairs really quick, and Monkey decided he wanted to follow!
"Wait for me!"

"yesssss, i'm climbing the stairs...oh yea!"

Seriously. Love him!!!

Rounding the corner with a big ole' smile :)

Hurry up so i can kiss those kissable cheeks!!!



After all the fun, hard work of playing on the bench and climbing the stairs, a snack was in order! And what better snack for a monkey, then a BANANA!!!!

Wonder what he's thinking...
Ahhh...THAT'S what he was thinking ;)

Wonder what he's gonna do?!

Ahhhh,,,,THAT'S what he did!!! Soo funny!

"Look what I did!"

Good Boy picking up his mess :)

Even though the other 2 kids were missed a lot, I really enjoyed some 1:1 Monkey time. 
I think he enjoyed it, too!

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