Happy 4th of July!!!!

What a fun day today was! 
We started out the day at the Towson 4th of July Parade! 
It's our 3rd year going and the kids love it more as each year passes :)

After the parade we headed over to a friends house with my parents for a party!
A swimming party!
Kids had a blast! And of course, so did us adults!!!
(as i'm writing this blog, at 8pm, Monkey is already in bed, Princess is passed out on the sofa,
 and Buddy will be out in no time!)

Princess took a HUGE step today pool-wise!!!!
She decided, with the help of Nana, to go under water!
And go under water she did...several times!!!

And...some pics of my patriotic babies and myself :) 

And last but certainly not least...
THANK YOU to the men and women who helped get our USA where it is today!!!
We are the land of the free because of the brave!!!!

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